Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady in the Making?

Too Many Kitties? Never!

I have four cats. Four is a good number, right? The answer is – mostly – yes. There are four tires on a luxury sedan, four legs on a giraffe... and four horsemen of the Apocalypse. These cats are destructive forces, laying claws to woven materials and tracking swaths of cat litter on the bed. Our house is inundated with fur, which piles up in drifts that are satisfying to suck up with our vacuum's – the "Sucking Alien's" – silver wand. We call the vacuum the Sucking Alien because it bears a strong resemblance to the head of a non-human creature with ovoid eyes and a long, tubular snout.

It doesn't help that the dog sheds like crazy, either. She's a 125-pound fat retired farm dog with a one-track mind. Food. Is there food? When's dinner? Fill my bowl, please. How about a treat?

We also have a 23-pound cat. Yep, we grow 'em big around here! Even some of our aquarium fish are outsized. We're convinced our two big boys have some Maine Coon in them, but Boo Boo, the largest, is simply a whale. He's my cuddle buddy, though, and likes to snuggle up when I go to bed with a book or some puzzles. That starts the bedtime ritual, which proceeds to my husband joining us and two more cats jumping on the bed. Boo Boo is then displaced, and the "wee one," our small black and white female, starts kneading the hell out of our big, fluffy black and white male and purring like she's reached a state of ultimate bliss.

Our fourth cat, the horribly misnamed Sunshine, hates all the other animals in the house and prefers to keep to herself.

Thank goodness my husband puts his foot down and insists on a four-unit cap on our cat population. I'm such a sucker for a furry, whiskered face, I'd probably bring home one a month until someone from A&E knocked at my door wanting to feature me on a show about cat hoarders.

I don't mind being a crazy cat lady in the making, though. My house is always full of love – and fur!

My Four Cats


LissaL said...

I was just talking about my crazy cats today on twitter. They look much like your black & white cats. Currently they are scratching their way out of the screen door. (The furniture is already ruined) If they don't calm down soon, I will be a crazy cat lady!

Beth said...

Some of mine enjoy trying to *climb* the screens! One has gotten stuck there a time or two and I've had to pull her off. :)

Lisa said...

Adorable cats. I have two cats myself. Glad to see that my Cody is not the only overweight cat haha. He is weighing in these days at 21 pounds, hates to exercise/play, and loves wet food (he helps himself to his portion and to his sister's since she walks away after taking two bites).

Beth said...

I wish my big kitty weren't as overweight as he is, but we've tried to diet him and he has very rudely protested by pooping in front of his empty food dish! It's also tough with four cats of varying sizes.

Gotta love the fat cats, though. I think Cody and Boo Boo could hang together in food-loving laziness....