Sunshine is overrated. No, not my cat, though I do have a kitty named Sunshine. The papers from the shelter were labeled, "Pet Adoption: Sunshine," and I didn't find out until later that Sunshine was the name of the person who filled out the docs, not the cat.

The Seattle area is famous for rainy winters and grey skies. This is terrible if you're a huge vitamin D junkie, but great for a web and entertainment geek like me. We have fabulously mild and sunny summers during which my husband won't accept my excuses not to get out - he insists on opening the car's sunroof! - but for the rest of the year I can hole up and look at a screen, a page, or the ceiling above my bathtub.

Someday I hope to have a giant claw-footed soaking tub facing a wall with a massive TV, and maybe one of those robot butlers to bring me snacks.

- Beth, an "indoor kitty"