Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can't... Resist... Cute Shoes!

I love shoes. I have a whole rack of the things in my bedroom, most just collecting dust. Tennis shoes, flats, heels, even some way-too-high leopard print heels my friend and I found at a consignment shop and I just HAD to buy. I still love them but will never wear them. Really, I should do a shoe purge.

I also love giveaways. Today I ran across a giveaway for... you got it... shoes! Giveaways & Glitter is giving away a pair of Jon Josef shoes. Cuteness! They have several styles from which to choose, and my favorite is these darling Gatsby Burgundy Velvet Slippers.

You can enter the giveaway here. Good luck! If I win I promise to enact the "one in, one out" rule and get rid of another pair I'll never wear in order to create a special home for these.